Geneva Marina

Lake Erie, Ohio

            Charter Boats

            Walleye Encounters, Cpt. Tony Dilillo, 440-474-3015,

            2 Boat, Cpt. Mark Drumheller, 440-228-9278

            Privateer, Cpt. Stephen Scott, 865-805-5593

            Wicked Walleye Charters, Cpt. Bill Strang

            DB Sport Fishing, Cpt. John Gribble, 800-769-1750,

            Wanderer, Cpt. Ed LaBrozzi, 814-598-1752,

            BTFF Sport Fishing Charters, Cpt. Blaine Speakman, 740-649-7186,

            CAM Sportfishing, Cpt. Craig McGuire, 330-340-1729,

            Reel Knotty, Cpt. Mike Emerine, 330-984-8531,

            Summer Break, Cpt. Jeff & Cpt. Darcy 815-545-3095



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